World youth Day: Tuesday 26 July

Today we gathered at 11am for a Solemn High Mass followed by catechesis given by Bishop Anthanasius Schneider, followed by some group time, lunch and a tour of the city. At 5.30pm we’ll have catechesis by Fr Armand de Malleray from the Fraternity of St Peter. He’ll speak on the theme of mercy and the sacrament of Confession. All are welcome.

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World Youth Day: Monday 25 July 2016

Juventutem groups continue to arrive from all over the globe. We had a beautiful Solemn High Mass this evening at the Church of the Conversion of St Paul. Here’s some photos of the Holy Mass, and a few group pics. We had young adults from the UK, France, US, Italy, China, Germany, Nigeria, Poland, Sweden, Portugal and a group from South America join us. Check back here regularly for updates. We’re also on Twitter so follow us at @FIJuventutem

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