Each chapter of the federation is required to have at least three committed members who pays the annual dues of 10€ to the federation.  Each Juventutem year runs from May 24th to May 23rd.  We ask that, as able, each chapter’s members pay their dues between May 1st and June 15th of each year.

We recommend to the Group Coordinator of each chapter the following dues procedure:

  1. On or around March 15th, inquire of each chapter member as to whether he or she wishes to be a committed member of the Fœderatio Internationalis Juventutem over the year ahead.
  2. Begin collecting 10€  ($10.59, as of the updating of this page) from each member who is so committed.  It may take some time for folks to deliver their funds.
  3. On or about May 23rd, send an email to secretary[at]juventutem[dot]org, identifying the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of those who are making the full commitments for the year ahead.
  4. On or about May 23rd, send a single wire transfer of all of the collected dues to the FIJ, using the transfer information below.
  5. Upon receipt of a wire transfer confirmation from your bank, scan in the confirmation and email it to the Secretary, who will share it with the Treasurer.
  6. If it has been more than three months since the chapter last submitted a written summary of its activities, May 24th would be a good day to submit one of the two such reports that each chapter is to send, each year.

(If any American chapter is not able to figure out the procedure for wire transfers, or finds the wire transfer expense incommensurate to the amount of funds to be transferred, please communicate with Juventutem Michigan, which may be able to receive funds by PayPal and pass them on to the FIJ, by May 10th of the year in question.)


Donate in EUROS:

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3001 BERN
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Thank you for your support of our effort to foster sanctity among young Catholics!